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Pascal Tags:
Barcode and RFID Killer

We are a Barcode
Killer because...


Last as long as a product no matter the environment

Ease of Use

No hand scanning


We serialize for the life of the product, not the sku or type of product.

We are a RFID/Bluetooth
Killer because we are... 


Last as long as a product no matter the environment


Without electronics, there is no limit of the life until the product it is on breaks or is destroyed


As the tags are completely printed, the size can vary and go on any product.


One of the largest spirit and wine companies in the world. Brown-Forman has been around for 150 years and owns brands like Jack Daniels and Woodford reserve.

The Use Case

  • Serializing bourbon barrels and obtaining data across the entire supply chain. Barcode was originally used and it was 70% durable due to hostile environment + life of a bourbon barrel.
  • Durability: With each barrel having 100+ proof of alcohol and often leaking, modern labels (Barcode) fail to survive.
  • Longevity: With most barrel processes lasting 4-5 years at a minimum, tags able to serialize the barrels need to last that long. This is hard to do for modern electronic tags (RFID, NFC).

The Solution

  • Pascal Tags were used on bourbon barrels to enable data at every single point of the supply chain.
  • Detectors were able to remove the need of hand-scanners and provided simple integration with external sensors to add more data to bourbon barrels.
  • The tags were found to be 99%+ in laboratory testing and 99% durable in-field testing on Old Forester Bourbon Barrels.
  • This is magnitudes better than the more expensive Barcode labels previously implemented
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Value to Customer

Longevity (99% as compared to Barcode being 70%)
More data to make better decisions

One of the largest appliance
manufacturers in the world.

The Use Case

  • Serializing thousands upon thousands of totes and pallets that are re-used for sub-assembly parts. Barcode was the original solution and didn't have enough data, was in-efficient as miss scans were possible, and expensive as a new Barcode was used each time a tote was re-used.
  • Durability: Barcodes require to be scene when read. This puts the Barcodes at risk of environment conditions over time in rough manufacturing environment.
  • Cost: The barcodes are tens of cents per reuse of a tote making the capital expense to scale up extremely costly.

The Solution

  • Pascal Tags were used on totes and pallets with reusability for a single tag.
  • No hand scanners were needed and more feature data was added to the totes as well as the products inside the totes.
  • The tags were able to increase efficiency by removing multiple steps with the reusable tags.
  • The efficiency was increased by giving transparency of the usage of totes for the production of appliances
Retângulo 150311 1

Value to Customer

Cost reduction with less labor intensive process and materials (less tags)
Longevity with a single tag doing what 100s of Barcodes would do in a year
4X more data is collect per tote enabling better decisions and efficient supply chain.

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